History of the Black Talons

The Black Talons have been an organized guild as far back as NeverWinter Nights online in AoL more then 15 years ago. Shortly after, we joined forces with a guild in EQ before deciding to reform the guild under the Black Talons banner. In EQ we quickly became one of the premier guilds on our Server, Cazic Thule, and pushed all endgame content for several years. After some time we formed a chapter in EQ2, and again we became one of the top guilds on our server. Soon after we became very excited about the concept behind Vanguard and left EQ to form a chapter when the game released. Although the game had great promise and many tremendous features, it was obvious after 6 months that it would never become the game we wanted so we moved onto Age of Conan. Initially this game was able to keep us occupied until we began pushing the end game content. Like most guilds, when we realized that AoC would not provide us with the challenge we had hoped we began to search for other alternatives.

Warhammer Online (2008-2010)

Then along came Warhammer. We had followed the hype about it for some time, and refusing to go to WoW we decided to give it a shot. We were determined to make a hard push into Warhammer when it released and grow the Black Talon reputation. Initially we had planned to be an Order guild but when the beta became available it was obvious that the Destruction side was the right fit for us as the classes suited us more appropriately. When the game went live we formed a Talons chapter on Sea of Claws. Almost instantly we became the top guild on our server and our membership swelled. However there was not much competition to be had from our Order counterparts. While they were very skilled and determined, they simply did not have the numbers. We loved Sea of Claws and its community we realized when given the opportunity we needed to make a move. So when server transfers became available we made the move as a guild to Ungrim. Once on Ungrim in November 2008 we quickly became the largest and most active guild on the server and enjoyed tremendous success in PvP and RvR. Eventually that server died as well and we moved to Iron Rock with another set of forced merges. Iron Rock had some of the better community we had in War but late in 2009 Order had mostly vanished from the server. Most of the Black Talons left the game; the few groups of us remaining rerolled on Badlands looking for a fight. We enjoyed many great battles and rivaleries on Badlands, but the game was on the verge of complete collaspe and lacked funds and support to keep it in good stable condition. With the downturn of Warhammer, we moved to Rift.

Rift and SWTOR (2010-2012)

When Rift came along, we rolled on Seastone as Defiants. The lack of depth in PvP made our stay rather short and most of us moved on after a few months. When SWTOR came out we started back up on Mind Trick as Sith. After 2 months of constant huttball we decided to reroll on the Republic side since they were heavily outnumbered and we wanted to fight. We started up a branch of the Black Talons called the White Talons on the republic side and within weeks we were easily dominating all of our old superior-geared comrades in Ilum and warzones. The first round of server mergers brought us to Corellian Run where we were once again ranked as one of the top guilds on the server in open field fighting, regular and ranked warzones. We were unparalled in combat but the game was slowly starting to get repetitive, and with Bioware's inability to add new PvP content, we eventually lost interest in the game. 

Guild Wars 2 (2012-2014)

With great excitement we started up a chapter on the Black Talons in Guild Wars 2 on Fort Aspenwood under the tag of [BT]. We quickly grew to be the top WvW guild on our server and one of the top guilds in the game when it came to open field fighting. We were joined by a group of skilled players originally from the guild Unlimited [ULTD] and they fit in very well. After 8 months of fighting on Fort Aspenwood, we started looking for a new challenge. Our current matchup was not providing us with any competition and the game was starting to evolve into a PPT game and most guilds would run from a fight. After much discussion we decided to move to tier 1 and join Blackgate hoping to find some sort of competition. After a few months on Blackgate (NA), and after a small break from Guild Wars 2, Black Talons Gaming decided to come back with a much more hardcore playstyle and smaller numbers. We've been running anywhere from 20-25 players a night fighting and winning against most much larger groups on the Maguuma Server (NA).

Elder Scrolls Online (2014)

After much consideration we decided to play as Daggerfall on the Bloodthorn campaign at launch. We entered the game very excited and quickly reached max level. Unfortunately ESO didn't live up to its expectations and we moved on shortly after launch due to bugs, uninspired gameplay, and PvP that was not competitive at all. We have not ruled out returning to ESO if they improve the game, but in its current form ESO is not the place for any sort of competitive PvP in our opinion.

Wildstar (2014) 

After the disappointment of ESO we did our research and deicede to try Wildstar. We are gearing up to hit the PvP scene competitively at launch and also try to move out of our comfort zone and try some of the raids which are rumored to be pretty fun. We will be playing Exiles on the Pergo (PvP) server in hopes of being the outnumbered faction to ensure some good fights. After a month and a bit of unbalanced PvP and raiding content being king, we prepared ourselves to move to ArcheAge, still in search of a PvP game that would capture our attention like some of the games of the past.

ArcheAge (2014)

We are currently gearing up to play ArcheAge at launch. We have been participating in the closed beta events on the server Aranzeb as the west faction.

Black Talons Notable Accomplishments:

  • Warhammer: Top RvR and PvP guild on Sea of Claws and Iron Rock
  • Rift: Premier Defiant PvP Guild on Seastone at launch.
  • Rift: Numerous server firsts when it came to crafting and clearing PvE content.
  • SWTOR: Top PvP guild on Mind Trick Server
  • SWTOR: Top ranked PvP guild on Corellian Run
  • SWTOR: A healer and DPS ranked top 10 in the game based on warzone statistics.
  • Guild Wars 2: Top WvW guild on Fort Aspenwood (Tier 2 and 3)
  • Guild Wars 2: Top WvW guild on Blackgate (Tier 1)
  • Guild Wars 2: One of the best know and top open world fighting guilds in the game.
  • Guild Wars 2: One of the few chosen WvW guilds to help the game developers test new content
  • One of the first and longest reigning Emperors on the Bllodthorn campaign (NA) in Elder Scrolls Online